Gérald Darmanin announces the dissolution of two small groups

Gérald Darmanin announces the dissolution of two small groups

The Council of Ministers dissolved on Wednesday 1er February, two small groups: Les Alerteurs installed in Aude, advocating radical Islam, and nationalist Bordeaux, carrying an ideology “xenophobic calling for hatred and violence”, announced Gérald Darmanin. The dissolution of the two small groups was pronounced in council on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior.

According to the decree of dissolution, the association Les Alerteurs is accused of “to convey an anti-republican and radical ideology inviting revolt and violence by implying that the coup d’etat would be a mode of action to be favored against the French government” and disseminate conspiracy theories. In addition to an anti-Semitic and ****phobic discourse, the association of “to minimize” the attacks which struck France and to tend “to justify them in the name of blasphemy”.

Nationalist Bordeaux, a far-right group from the Gironde capital, is criticized for the involvement of its members in “acts of violence in meetings and degradation” as well as “brawls” against “anti-fascist activists”. According to the decree pronouncing its dissolution, mention is made of “strategy of recruiting new members by exalting the use of violence”, and the organization “regular gatherings in tribute or in support of ultra-right groups or emblematic personalities of the collaboration”.

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