Gérald Darmanin, the right option | The echoes

Gérald Darmanin, the right option |  The echoes

In politics this is not said, but even when they shake , the financial markets can be sources of inspiration. It is necessary to buy downwards, seems to say Gérald Darmanin in the face of the spectacle of the division offered by The Republicans . Some macronists conclude that these unreliable allies should be fled, he thinks the opposite. A reasonable fringe of the right will end up seeing that they can no longer win without an agreement. “LR must understand that we share the same electorate”, he said in “Le Figaro”. And to the macronists who wince and regret the immigration debate on the still sharp wounds of pensions, he answers bluntly: “the majority is on the right”.

He is alone, but that’s good: in finance, we like contrarians. When they dream of the after (after-Borne or after-Macron, both work), his fellow ministers remain in the excess dear to the president. Bruno Le Maire erased his right-wing image with the “whatever the cost”. Sébastien Lecornu is silent, it’s the best way to maintain the vagueness. Gabriel Attal handles right-wing markers (fight against welfare, against fraud, etc.) and left-wing markers (four-day week, balanced immigration project). Not Gerald Darmanin.

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