Gérard Depardieu’s accusers on BFMTV: the actor’s lawyers denounce a “media court”

“Crude amalgams”, “contempt for the principle of the contradictory”, “complacent tribune”. In a vitriolic press release published on Wednesday, Gérard Depardieu’s lawyers express their anger against BFMTV. In question, the broadcast the evening before by channel 15 of a sequence giving the floor to three of his accusers in “Le 90 minutes” (from 8:30 p.m.).

Among them, Charlotte Arnould, whose complaint led to the indictment of the actor 73 years old for “” and “ ault”. Recorded the day before, her twenty-minute interview was broadcast on the air, before journalist Aurélie Ce interviewed two other women in duplex, Sarah Brooks and Hélène Darras.

These latter are part of 13 people who denounced the behavior of the actor French in a Mediapart survey published on April 11. The set of the info channel was completed by three “committed actresses” against violence in the middle of the 7th art.

“They knew we were doing a show about it”

This Wednesday, the entire 50-minute sequence is pinned down by Gérard Depardieu’s lawyers. According to them, Charlotte Arnould would have presented a “deliberately incomplete and false version” of the facts and of “her relationship” with their client. Guilty of “rough amalgams”, BFM would also have offered “a “complacent platform” to its two other accusers, without offering the opposing party to speak, “in defiance of the principle of adversarial”. “The media court should not replace the judicial institution”, summarize the advice of the star.

“They knew that we were doing a program on this subject”, disputes this Wednesday Philippe Corbé, editorial director of BFMTV. “Gerard Depardieu’s lawyers were contacted by our teams and did not wish to speak”, he specifies. For their part, the defenders of the respondent confirm that they refused the invitation of the broadcaster to react to the testimony of Charlotte Arnould, but say that they were not informed of the speech in the wake of Sarah Brooks and Hélène Darras.

Defending the work of his teams, Philippe Corbé also wishes to recall that Guillaume Fabre, journalist Police Justice of BFMTV, present on set Tuesday evening, “put the facts into context”, reminding the antenna of the actor’s right to the presumption of innocence and his formal denial of the facts with which he is charged.

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