Germaine Richier, the great lady of sculpture, under the hammer of Artcurial

Germaine Richier in her Paris studio on rue de Châtillon (14
e) in 1948. Family Archives

Four months before its retrospective at the Center Pompidou, twenty-six works will be sold on December 6, in Paris, and should consolidate its rating far from its deserved level.

To establish the rating of an artist, the equation is mathematical. It must combine a market supported by renowned gallery owners and major museum recognition. In the case of Germaine Richier, the major retrospective to be held from March to June 2023 at the Center Pompidou has been long overdue. This is not new for French artists. Others, whether dead or alive, suffered the same fate, like Gerard Garouste which precedes it since September, and until January, on the picture rails of this same museum. But that had the consequence of limiting the aura of Germaine Richier, of confining her to a confidential market, of preventing her prices from reaching their deserved level.

With the approach of the retrospective, it is therefore no coincidence that his works arrive at auction. The right timing? Is it better after the exhibition that will make her rediscover it, or before, to create excitement. It is this last option that the Artcurial house has chosen, to put…

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