Germano Gerdau, businessman and shareholder of the Gerdau steel group, dies

Businessman and one of the shareholders of the group that bears his family’s name, Germano Gerdau Johannpeter, 91, ped away on Friday (8) in Rio de Janeiro. According to a statement, Germano died of natural causes. The businessman leaves two daughters, Fernanda and Germana, as well as six grandchildren.

Together with his brothers Jorge, Klaus and Frederico, Germano formed the fourth generation that led the steel group Gerdau. “Together with your brothers […] was part of the generation that transformed not only Gerdau, but the Brazilian steel industry, building the centenary Brazilian multinational that today operates in nine countries”, says the note.

The statement recalls that the businessman had a remarkable sense of humor and intelligence, as well as being an excellent storyteller, many of which are recorded in his book Memórias de Aço. presented throughout Gerdau’s history and growth.

“The brothers Klaus, Jorge and Frederico recognize and are immensely grateful for Germano’s ability to conduct the relationship between family members in a harmonious way. He was decisive in the company’s success due to this conciliatory capacity, in addition to having been an absolute and unconditional leader in the commercial area. of the company”, concludes the note.

The Gerdau group has been managed since 2018 by a professional outside the family, and is in its fifth generation.

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