Germany and Costa Rica welcome the appointment of Frappart as referee for their match

The meeting between Germany and Costa Rica, decisive for the qualification in the round of 16, will be historic whatever happens because a men’s World Cup match will be refereed for the first time by a womanthe French Stéphanie Frappart (38), who will be accompanied by the Brazilian Neuza Back and the Mexican Karen Diaz. “I have 100% confidence in her and her team, assured Hansi Flick, the German coach. She deserves to be here because of her performances and I think she will do her job very well. »

Also asked about the subject, defender Lukas Klostermann refused to make it a factor that could change the course of the evening: “It’s not going to influence the game. She has already led Champions League meetings and has shown what she can do. She deserves to be there and I wish her a good game. We haven’t talked about it in the team, it’s completely normal for us and I hope it will remain normal in the future. I never pay attention to whether the referee is a man or a woman. »

“It’s good for football”

The Costa Ricans took over from the Germans at a press conference, and their coach followed the same line. “I admire everything that women have achieved over the years, and this new step forward is a very good thing, especially in a sport where sexism exists, said Luis Fernando Suarez. This designation highlights women’s commitment to success and it’s good for football. This means that it is more open and democratic. »

“I think it’s great, it’s a huge achievement for women, added midfielder Celso Borges. If she is there, it is because she has proven that she can referee great matches. I hope she will be successful and that we players will also make sure everything goes well. »

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