Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom… These countries slowing down the green transition

If re-elected, Donald Trump has promised to reverse Joe Biden’s climate law. OCTAVIO JONES/REUTERS

STORY – Under the effect of a deteriorating economic situation, leaders are hesitant to impose new constraints, at the risk of facing waves of protest. Should we fear a wave of backpedaling?

If he returns to power, in a year, Donald Trump will stop the “transition to hell” what constitutes the transition to electric cars. The former president intends to eliminate clean energy regulations, expand drilling to maximize the use of fossil fuels and gut US President Joe Biden’s historic climate law, campaign officials summarize. Donald Trump describes the IRA law in favor of green energies as the “biggest tax hike in history” and he accuses his successor of having increased the price of gasoline and compromised the“energy independence” the United States.

The “Argentinian Trump” Javier Mileianti-system candidate elected on November 19 in Argentina, is just as fierce against the green transition. “Global warming is a lie” he affirmed in 2021, specifying last October that “all these policies which accuse man of being responsible for climate change are bogus”. The Economist…

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