giggles in front of the LCI morning show when a member of the Giec reveals himself in… underpants!

François Gemenne, member of the Giec, in the morning of LCI Screenshot / LCI

VIDEO – Thursday morning, Jean-Baptiste Boursier questioned François Gemmene in his “6-9”. But the expert was obviously not fully prepared and above all dressed.

This is the unusual image of the week. It is around 7:20 on Thursday morning, when Jean-Baptiste Boursier decides to give the floor to Francois Gemmene, a member of the IPCC, in his LCI morning. The climate specialist is not on set but in duplex via the Zoom application. And obviously at home and not yet fully dressed.

Right in the middle of the interview, the phone that was filming him accidentally falls to the ground to film the expert from below. We then discover that if he is wearing a shirt, he is still in his underwear! The image is furtive (François Gemmene immediately grabbing the smartphone to put it back in front of him), but sufficient for his interlocutor, his columnists and the viewers to realize it. The most striking is the impive mine of Jean-Baptiste Boursier who continues his interview as if nothing had happened, displaying only a discreet grin. He nevertheless ends his interview with a nod to this live hazard: “We let you finish getting ready“.

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Thursday evening, Bertrand Chameroy in “C to You” and Yann Barthes in “Daily” had fun, causing the giggles on their respective sets. “Afterwards, the Earth seen from the sky, the slipou seen from below“, ironically the chronicler of France 5. “On adores you François, but there, we are no longer able to listen to you, we saw your underwear“, comments for his part the presenter of TMC who has already received the specialist in his talk show.

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