“Giorgia Meloni is prisoner of a European immigrationist model”

Published on Sep 17, 2023 at 12:57

Tartufferie, fiasco, narrow vision… Nicolas Dupont-Aignan does not have harsh enough words to describe the European Union’s migration policy. Guest of the political show Le Grand Rendez-Vous Europe1 – CNews – Les Echos, this Sunday September 17, the member for Essonne attacked the president of the European Commission, visiting the island of Lampedusa . “It’s the arsonist who comes to the scene of the fire. » Ursula von der Leyen was accompanied by the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, according to him “prisoner of a European immigrationist model. »

The president of the Debout La France movement calls for withdrawing this competence from the European Union, for ending the Schengen area and at Frontex . “France must take control of its migration policy. » For example, according to him, it would be necessary to expel the approximately 9,000 migrants currently crowded on the island “towards their ports of departure on the Libyan and Tunisian coasts. »

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan says he “totally disagrees with the economic analysis” on the labor shortage in Europe. And to stem the flow of migration, he proposes to “reorient our economy”. “I prefer to see t-shirts made in Tunisia, rather than in China. » Even going so far as to doubt the usefulness of European aid to Ukraine… “The real geopolitical danger is not Russia, it is the doubling of the African population. I preferred that these billions be paid to the development of the Maghreb and the Sahel. »

Immediate drop in prices at the pump

On purchasing power and the rise in the price of energy, the sovereignist leader is calling for an immediate reduction of 30 cents per liter of fuel at the pump, half financed by the reduction in distributors’ margins, and half by the abolition of VAT on TIPP. A measure that he estimates at around 6 billion euros. As for the price of electricity, he wants to reestablish a single price in France based on national production costs, by leaving the European system.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan denounces the government’s policy conducted “so as not to displease Germany. » And he goes so far as to accuse the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire of “high treason”, not hesitating to demand his appearance before the High Court of Justice.

The president of Debout La France does not rule out being head of the list for European elections of June 2024 . At the end of the universities of his movement at the end of September, he wrote to the parties of the “national and patriotic camp” to “get out of these small horse races” and achieve union.

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