Giorgio Armani, in Piacenza the honorary degree in his hometown

«There are two things that bring me here with great emotion: to receive what you wanted me to recognize and to see Piacenza again». Giorgio Armani said it today on the stage of the Municipal Theater in Piacenza, a few moments after receiving an honorary degree in Global Business Management from the Catholic University.

After having affectionately greeted the male and female students, Armani underlined the doubly special value of the title received from the University, “because it rewards my role as an entrepreneur, commitment and pion, but also because it is awarded to me in my hometown , in a magical place that fascinated me as a child. From Piacenza I left for Milan, but my roots have remained here».

Entrepreneur, creative and innovator, Armani was capable of an ideal and unprecedented vision, pursued with determination, perseverance and courage essential for the realization of a great project, which led to the establishment of one of the most important multinational groups in the sector . An overall essment of Giorgio Armani’s work, said Professor Franco Anelli, Rector of the Catholic University, could be drawn up starting «from the umption, in all its implications, of the problematic dimension of time. Durability, for Armani, is a choice that concerns form and content: the clicism of the lines and the quality of the material speak of a product designed to resist the run-out of a collection with ease. But the novelty of his proposal has to do with the sensitivity and timeliness in interpreting the attitudes, roles and functions of contemporary men and women, without forcing it: being yourself, but at your best. In this sense we can speak of Armani’s clicism, as the product of an aesthetic innervated by dynamic tensions in the manner of great clical sculpture. The fruit, born almost instinctively and then pursued consistently, of a mobile and open dialogue with man»

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