Gladkov announced the victim as a result of the work of air defense in the Belgorod region

Gladkov announced the victim as a result of the work of air defense in the Belgorod region

The air defense system (AD) shot down four missiles over Belgorod and the Belgorod region, as a result one person was injured. This was announced by the Governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov.

“Our air defense system worked over Belgorod and the Belgorod region. 4 rockets were shot down. The consequences on the ground are specified. We already know about one victim, ”he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Later, Gladkov clarified that a woman received a concussion, she was taken to the hospital in a state of moderate severity. The victim does not appear to have an open wound.

The governor of the region added that, as a result of air defense, fragments of downed missiles damaged two private houses in the Belgorod region. The head of the district Vladimir Pertsev, operational and emergency services have already left for the place, Gladkov specified.

The last time the region came under fire was on March 10. Then the Ukrainian troops attacked the village of Yasnye Zori in the Belgorod region, as a result, one man was injured in the hand, and the shell also damaged the hangar on the territory of the agricultural enterprise.

After the start of the special operation, the Ukrainian military began to regularly shell the border regions of Russia. Since April 11, 2022, a high (“yellow”) level of terrorist threat has been in effect in the Belgorod Region. The regime was repeatedly extended, and at the beginning of February 2023 it was installed indefinitely.

In addition, since October 19 last year, by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the average level of response has been set in the region. The same regime operates in seven other regions – Crimea, Sevastopol, Krasnodar Territory, Kursk, Voronezh, Bryansk and Rostov regions.

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