God save us from biopics!

By Eric Neuhoff

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The biopic has the merit of bringing back to light Lucie Coutaz (Emmanuelle Bercot), co-founder of the Emmaus companions with Abbé Pierre (Benjamin Lavernhe). Jérôme Prébois/SND

CRITICISM – By adopting a chronological format, Frédéric Tellier offers a very scholarly biopic of the founder of Emmaüs.

He introduces himself: his name is Henri. We don’t know if he wanted to succeed in life. Among the scouts, his pseudonym was “Meditative Beaver”. This totem suited the one the Resistance renamed Pierre. His name is Peter. Abbot stone. The Capuchins found it a little too fragile. Besides, the ladies troubled him. This makes him sensitive, human. At first, he walks among the stars. This is a metaphor. She’s clumsy. How to talk about a myth?

With Abbot stone. A life of fighting, Frédéric Tellier doesn’t know which foot to dance on. He opts for chronology, unfolding the existence of his hero like a lazy baker rolling out his pie dough without taking his eyes off the recipe displayed in front of him. The founder of Emmaus is a good guy. He has his faults, his doubts, his revolts. The outfit is there, in full – cape, cane and beret. Fashion designers should take inspiration from it for their collections. During the war, he courageously helped Jews cross the Alps…

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