Golden ice axes: Silvo Karo’s career rewarded

Each Alpine decade has been marked by its influences. The 80s were definitely those of Slovenian climbers. And, in this blessed generation, an exceptional mountaineer definitely enters the pantheon of mountaineering this weekend: Silvo Karo. Bulimic of rock, the Slovenian displays an insolent list of 300 firsts which make him one of the most prolific climbers in the history of mountaineering.

His greatest feat? Perhaps the route opened with Janez Jeglic on the west face of Bhagirathi III (6,454 m): a line of 1,300 meters, with grade VIII and A4 difficulties, overcome in remarkable style in September 1990. not forget, however, that Karo and Jeglic, two years earlier, had also climbed the south face of Cerro Torre (3,102 m), opening another sensational route (Directisima del diablo, 1,200 m, VII, A4 and AI5 ).

“When I met Silvo, he was at the top of his game. 70 kg of motivation and commitment, few words, his actions spoke for him”, says the writer and mountaineer Rolando Garibotti. “Climbing with him felt like cheating. He seemed to have all the skills a man could need in the mountains. He was an honest climber, a man of common sense, for whom I have always had immense respect. Some of his climbs are legendary and have inspired climbers all over the world. He left an indelible mark on our sport. »

Silvo Karo has climbed nearly 2,000 routes. For all of his alpine work, he will receive, this weekend, in Briançon, the Piolet d’or “career” 2022.

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