Golden State, with Curry in super “clutch” mode, terrace of the Bucks without Giannis

Golden State, with Curry in super “clutch” mode, terrace of the Bucks without Giannis

Three points that hit the mark in the decisive moments, a saving block, and a total of 36 points including 22 at the end of the match: Stephen Curry allowed Golden State to defeat the leader of the Eastern Conference, Milwaukee (125-116 ap ), Saturday in the NBA.

Bad luck for the Bucks, while the double MVP went into clutch mode, they were deprived of their great star, Giannis Antetokounmpo, injured in the right hand. As a great player that he is, the “Greek freak” must have appreciated Curry’s show, however, which put the Chase Center in turmoil. And vice versa.

“We fed on the energy of the public (…). In terms of atmosphere, it really looked like a play-off match, “commented the Warriors star after the meeting. While Milwaukee led by five points in the last minute, Stephen Curry chained a three-pointer then another basket, two points this time, from a lay-up, allowing the defending champions to pick up 108 everywhere. Not satisfied, the 35-year-old leader then had to respond to a three-point shot from Jrue Holyday, which was done, 18 seconds from the buzzer (111-111).

It remained for the 2022 Finals MVP to make a block on Holiday to allow Golden State to push the Bucks into overtime. During this, Stephen Curry completed his work, scoring nine points, in a form of deliverance since he had not yet won since his return from injury a week ago (three defeats so far). “I’m doing well. I’m getting old, that’s all, ”he first breathed, visibly exhausted. “Everyone participated, and that’s how we have to behave to move forward now,” added Curry, 8/11 shooting in the last quarter and overtime, including 4/7 from three points. “I am aware that they missed Giannis but we have been trying to find the solution to be efficient for so long (…) as was the case this evening”, commented the star of the Warriors again, to explain the ambient euphoria. “It was really a great way to win a game.”

Thanks to this 35th success (33 defeats), the San Francisco franchise, 6th in the West, is recovering in the fight for the play-offs. In the East, the Bucks, who conceded their first loss in 10 away games, are now under threat from Boston, which is back to a victory (48 against 47) after winning Saturday in Atlanta (134 -125). As usual, Jason Tatum (34 pts, 15 rebounds) responded for the C’s, who were also able to count on Jaylen Brown (24 pts).

In Los Angeles, it is also a duo, composed of Kawhi Leonard (38 pts) and Paul George (22 pts) who led the Clippers to victory 106 to 95 against the New York Knicks. But it was point guard Russell Westbrook who stood out the most for LA, overtaking Detroit legend Isiah Thomas as the ninth-best passer in NBA history — a 9,062nd assist for a George dunk. .

The Clippers are 5th (36-33) in the West, chasing behind Phoenix (4th, 37-30), which lost at home (128-119) against Sacramento (2nd). As for Memphis (3rd), despite the absence of Ja Morant, the Grizzlies took the best (112-108) over the Dallas Mavericks (8th), for their part deprived of Luka Doncic. Under these conditions, in addition to Desmond Bane, author of 25 points, it was David Roddy who, coming off the bench, donned the blue heater (24 pts).

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