Gonçalo Ramos hits hard, the Belgian defense gives up

Gonçalo Ramos hits hard, the Belgian defense gives up

Gonçalo Ramos and Sylla PANORAMIC

TOPS/FLOPS – The presence of Gonçalo Ramos, the resignation of Club Brugge or the weak Belgian defense… Find out what to remember from Benfica’s big victory against Brugge (5-1)


Gonçalo Ramos crunched the Belgian defense

He had revealed himself to the general public with a hat-trick in the round of 16 of the World Cup. If this Tuesday evening he only scored twice, the young Portuguese striker seems to like to show off at this stage of the competition. His two goals are different in style but appreciable to the eyes either way. He showed that he knew how to dribble and eliminate on his first goal (45th + 2) as well as score like a real number 9 on his second goal. In addition to these goals, Benfica’s number 88 was a poison throughout the match for the Belgian defense with numerous deep calls but above all a constant desire to be forgotten by putting himself in an offside position to better sting behind . A complete service.

Rafa Silva-Joao Mario, Portuguese artists

What a pleasure to see these two players evolve together in midfield. The Club Brugge players will certainly regret having left them too much space in view of their performance. True metronomes of their team, they are involved in all of Benfica’s dangerous actions. Both scorers, they made the perfect link between midfield and attack and made the game easier for their team.

A pleasure of technical accuracy

Roger Schmidt may be a magician. Seeing these players evolve in this way could indeed be magical. Against a too apathetic Brugge team it’s easier, of course, but that’s not all. The eleven Lisboans found themselves with their eyes closed and with impressive technical ease which gives hope to this Benfica team for the rest of the European adventure. With a midfield so fair in its choices and goals just as fantastic as each other, it will not be easy to come and dominate this Benfica team.


The resignation of Club Brugge

At the start of the match, the hope of a feat was very slim for Brugge against an unbeaten team at home this season. Led 2-0 at halftime, Scott Parker’s players gave the impression of no longer wanting to play when they returned to the field. Too individualistic in attack and without any solidity in defense, Bruges had no chance of creating the feat. They let Benfica have fun tonight.

Too fragile a defense

If the score is already heavy, Club Brugge could have returned to Belgium with an even fuller suitcase. Totally overwhelmed by the excellent score of the Portuguese players, Scott Parker’s five-man defense took on water from all sides. Apathetic on Gonçalo Ramos’ second goal, resigned like the rest of their team, the Belgian defenders took too much tonight and never showed any sense of revolt. Sylla’s foul on Joao Mario’s penalty symbolizes Belgium’s performance over the two games as a whole, with mistakes and mistakes that are too easy and cost dear.

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