Goncourt: discover the first selection

The first list has just dropped. It includes recognized authors and some surprises.

Who will succeed Brigitte Giraud, winner of the 2022 Goncourt Prize? Like every year, the jurors of the prestigious literary prize met at the Drouant restaurant, under the chairmanship of Didier Decoin, to draw up their first list. They retained not fifteen novels, but sixteen, contrary to what had been announced.

This is not the only surprise of this selection. Of the sixteen novels, five are published by Gallimard and two are from the Madrigall group (POL and Minuit). This gives the publishing house a very good chance of winning the prize, which was won by Hervé Le Tellier, in 2020. Three small publishing houses (Le Nouvel Attila, L’Observatoire and L’Iconoclaste) against the behemoths.

Similarly, this list stands out for its absences. Sorj Chalandon, top seller, Laurent Binet, Serge Joncour, Agnès Desarthe and Maria Pourchet did not catch the attention of the members of the jury. Finally, note that three first novels appear in this first list: Cécile Desprairies, Mokhtar Amoudi and Neige Sinno.

The second will be announced on October 3. The next, that of the four finalists, will be unveiled on October 25 in Krakow where the academicians will go to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first of the Goncourt Choices, that of Poland. The awarding of the Goncourt 2023 prize will take place at Drouant on November 7.

The full list:

Mokhtar AMOUDI, Ideal conditions, Gallimard

Jean-Baptiste ANDREA, Watch over her, The Iconoclast

Dominique BARBÉRIS, A way of loving, Gallimard

Vincent DELECROIX, Shipwreck, Gallimard

Cécile DESPRAIRIES, The propagandist, Seuil

Émilie FRÈCHE, The lovers of Lutetia, Albin Michel

Dorothée JANIN, The revolt of the lost girls, Stock

Gaspard KŒNIG, Humus, The Observatory

Kevin LAMBERT, May our joy remain, The New Attila

Akira MIZUBAYASHI, Unforgettable Suite, Gallimard

Laure MURAT, Proust, family romance, Robert Laffont

Léonor de RÉCONDO, The Great Fire, Gret

Éric REINHARDT, Sarah, Susanne and the writer, Gallimard

Antoine SÉNANQUE, Ashen Cross, Gret

Snow SINNO, Sad tiger, POL

Jean-Philippe TOUSSAINT, The chessboard, Editions de Minuit

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