Good posture, the secret against injuries and back pain?

What is good posture?

Stand straight !“, who has never heard this remark from his parents? This truth is the closest thing to ideal posture. It is necessary to stand straight and that, more generally, the vertebrae are aligned. This posture must be preserved at every moment of everyday life, while standing, sitting or doing an activity.

The spine should be straight, otherwise your body will have to work extra hard to adjust to an unnatural situation. This is how back pain appears.

What are the consequences of poor posture?

Bad posture, harmless at first, can create big changes in our body in the long term. Posture is the position of the body in relation to its center of gravity (the term “scientist” to designate the resultant of all the forces of our body).

Adopting a bad posture is therefore forcing your muscles to make additional efforts against the natural posture of the body. Consequences : aches and wounds appear. Catherine Monot Bladier, posturologist and podiatrist, explains how this can become problematic and how to remedy it.

We stand in balance, thanks to the muscles that are controlled by our central nervous system. These muscles contract and relax thanks to a reflex following a nervous message. If the muscle forces are balanced, the center of gravity falls in the right place. On the other hand, if it is off center, certain muscular forces will have to compensate more intensely.»

Thus, the more we squeeze or the more we bend, the less our position respects the natural center of gravity of the body. The muscles will then be automatically solicited to restore the position and will thus work systematically. This then creates fatigue and muscle and bone pain.

What evidence proves that the posture is bad?

A bad posture is detectable both by the outfit that we can have while standing, but also while sitting. While a hunched back or one hip lower than the other are the most obvious signs, other signs are more subtle. “In the feet, if one is turned outward while the other is straight or the toes of one foot are clawing the ground while those of the other foot are flat, there is often a postural problem“says Catherine Monot Bladier.

More or less good sports practices for posture

While it is therefore important to keep your posture always balanced around your center of gravity, certain sports or physical activities help maintain good posture. In particular, yoga.

Indeed, Catherine Monot Bladier explains that this discipline insists a lot on stretching. “This is very important because we create a relaxation so that all the muscles relax. When you stretch, it relieves tension. Unlike yoga, some sports contribute to adopting a bad posture: “Sports where you contract muscles and focus only on certain muscle groups create retraction. For example, cyclists are constantly in a grouping position. Their hamstrings are permanently shortened. Poor posture can be the cause of strains, it is important to stretch well.»

And since our muscles are governed by our energies and everything “communicates”, the doctor also insists on the importance of good nutrition, concluding: “Our energies must be balanced to maintain good posture, and this also involves nutrition, which also helps to preserve certain organs such as the liver, which has a very important postural role.“.

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