GP Explorer 2: “We don’t tell Hamilton, go back to your kitchen”, Manon Lanza condemns after her accident

GP Explorer 2 was a success more important than the first edition. However, the Formula 4 Grand Prix organized by videographer and influencer Squeezie, although it broke the viewership record on Twitch in France, will remain marred by the controversy suffered by influencer Manon Lanza. The cause ? An accident with videographer Maxime Biaggi took place on the 2nd lap of the race, and caused the race to be temporarily stopped. “Strength to Manon, it’s life. The important thing is that we’re okay. » On Instagram, he wanted to quickly support Manon Lanza on Sunday.

Ultimately, there was more fear than harm for the two pilots who escaped without serious injuries. While on the Sarthe circuit, where the event was held, an ambulance intervened to evacuate Manon Lanza, certain Internet users lashed out against the driver, making her solely responsible for the accident. For the record, in 2022, she was one of three women entered in the GP Explorer, in the Alpine team. She qualified in tenth place and finished eighth in the race.

While she is physically and psychologically injured, people prefer to har and insult Manon from GP explorer 2.
While most are under-18s incapable of reversing

The backlash is coming, if Squeezie no longer does explorer gp it will be deserved

— The Controller Rabbit (@rachatkuiyo) September 10, 2023

How big is it?? There’s actually a guy who bought bots to put hundreds of comments like this under Manon’s posts???? #GPExplorer
She receives more hatred than racists, it’s time to rethink your struggles eh

— eno🪸 (@3nolou) September 11, 2023

A few hours later, the extreme sports enthusiast reured her about her condition via a message on her social networks. This Monday morning, she confirmed to us on the phone that she is better but that she is still suffering from chest shock and a cervical hernia. “The shock was so violent that all my muscles contracted. I was scared, that’s for sure,” confides the young woman. “I left the hospital at the end of the evening (Editor’s note, Saturday evening). I had a scan to check that there was nothing serious. All the checks have been carried out, I am slowly recovering,” ures Manon Lanza.

“That we use the slightest error to publicize is unacceptable”

But what shocked the pilot more were the hateful and sexist reactions against her, poured out on social networks. “I am shocked to land in TT on X (formerly Twitter) in front of a deadly earthquake in Morocco,” notes the young woman sadly. “There is a part of the world that is not going well. Using the slightest error to publicize is unacceptable. We reach all women through me. To still be able to read “Woman at the wheel, dead at the turn”, it’s appalling in 2023. They are using me to add a layer of …” sighs the YouTuber.

“On social networks, we can’t only have the positive and inspirational side, we always have the negative side”, still regrets the thirty-year-old athlete. “To have so many messages of hatred towards women in our time is aberrant. I want to uphold the fight of women who aspire to equality, particularly in extreme sports. I play very masculine sports and there are also a lot of men who support me,” ures the video producer. “It’s the only thing we’re going to remember from GP Explorer, it’s sad. If the same thing had happened to a man there would never have been such comments, we don’t tell Lewis Hamilton go back to your kitchen! “.

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The one who created the YouTube channel and the Instagram account “Let’s ride” wants to use this hatred as additional motivation. “I always had the impression of being on a mission: to be able to tell the general public that women have the right to do what they want with their lives. I received a wave of hatred but also love in the end, I received thousands of positive messages. I stay focused on the positive. I will draw on it to carry my message stronger and higher,” concludes Manon Lanza.

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