Grain meeting to be held between Russia and the UN

Grain meeting to be held between Russia and the UN

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mariya Zakharova stated that a meeting will be held on the grain agreement between the Russian delegation and the representatives of the United Nations (UN) on March 13 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Grain meeting to be held between Russia and the UN

Zaharova made statements on current issues at the weekly press conference she held in the capital, Moscow.

Referring to the extension of the grain shipment agreement signed in Istanbul on July 22nd between Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the UN, Zaharova said, “Consultations are planned to be held in Geneva on March 13 with the participation of the Russian delegation and the high-level representatives of the UN. The grain agreement will be discussed at this meeting.” said.

Zakharova argued that the agreement is unlikely to be extended unless barriers to the shipment of Russian agricultural products and fertilizers are removed.


Referring to the explosions that took place in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines last year, Zaharova stated that they requested Germany, Sweden and Denmark to conduct an independent and comprehensive investigation with the participation of Russia.

“These requests were ignored. The West avoids any contact with the Russian Federation on this matter.” said Zaharova, emphasizing that an open and transparent investigation should be made about the explosions.


Answering the question about French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement that “France’s intervention project in Africa, Francefrik, has come to an end” during his visit to some African countries, Zaharova said, “What we hear is one thing, what we see is different. Behind these resounding statements, we see a desire to hide the consumer approach to the region and to shape the work in the field with more modern and complicated methods so that the same results can be achieved.” made its assessment.


Emphasizing that “Paris dreams of showing interest in Africa and preventing other countries, especially Russia and China,” Zaharova continued as follows:

“Paris determines the countries that blindly adopt the official route of France, even by condoning military coups. It is shown that countries that conduct independent politics other than the orders of the Elysee Palace violate freedom and democracy. Pressure is being placed on these countries. However, the African public, young people, political elites in many African countries are seeing more and more clearly how contradictory and arrogant Paris’ attitude towards this continent is.

Stating that the peoples of Africa have the right to have relations with the countries they want, but the states that adopt the colonial approach do not want to record this, Zaharova pointed out that in some countries there were anti-French protests during Macron’s African tour. (AA)

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