Grand Corps Malade recalls the serious accident he suffered

Since 2006, he has made a place for himself as a poet in the French musical universe. The artist revealed this Saturday, December 9, in “50’Inside” the story behind his stage name.

The interpreter of But I love you or Ladies took part in the game of the portrait interview facing Isabelle Ithurburu this Saturday, December 9 in “50’Inside”. Known to the general public around twenty years ago, this modern-day poet was not destined to make a career in music.

Basketball was more his cup of time. Only a serious accident, which occurred at the dawn of his 20th birthday, changed the course of his life. Indeed, those who appreciate Grand Corps Malade know him for his poignant texts but also for his cane, without which he never travels.

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“Paralyzed in all four limbs”

This accident took place during a “dive into a swimming pool”. “My head hit the bottom of the pool in a pool that was not full enough and a dive that was too steep.” This error of judgment cost him dearly. More precisely, the fracture of“a cervical vertebra that has become lodged in the spinal cord.” Following this accident, Grand Corps Malade – real name Fabien Marsaud, found himself “totally paralyzed in all four limbs”.

“A long resuscitation, rehabilitation. A complicated year followed but here is a year which allowed me to get back on my feet with serious after-effects but at least to regain the most important thing, that is to say autonomy and independence”he told the journalist.

With great humility, the singer-songwriter revealed that he had no choice but to fight. “It’s a kind of survival instinct. You realize that you are strong when being strong is the only option,” revealed Grand Corps Malade before adding: “I had some mentality, some will too. We had to fight but above all I am quite optimistic by nature and that must have helped a lot too”.

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