Grégoire Margotton takes stock of the challenges of the 2022 World Cup

INTERVIEW – The journalist, who will comment on the event with Bixente Lizarazu, gives us his feelings about the competition which begins today in Qatar.

TF1 will, this Sunday, November 20, kick off the World Cup 2022 by broadcasting the opening ceremony from 4:20 p.m. Gregoire Margotton and Bixente Lizarazu will then comment, at 4:40 p.m., on the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. The opportunity for the journalist to deliver his point of view on the sports competition which is announced.

TV MAGAZINE. – How does this 2022 World Cup look?
Grégoire MARGOTTON. – Everything is going to be different. The competition takes place in the middle of the year, so the expectations of the general public are not the same, but I am convinced that, during the event, it will be very strong. From a sporting point of view, this World Cup may give birth to a surprise because the preparation is different from usual and some teams have more injuries than others. Large expected teams could thus be surprised in the first round.

“I have no certainties: we are not immune to real disillusionment or great happiness”.

Grégoire Margotton on the France team

Is the France team the favourite?
It’s not the best team in the world but, as defending champions, it is more expected than the others. From the point of view of raw talent, she can claim to be world champion like two or three other selections. Afterwards, we will see what is put in place during the competition, the consequences of the last four years on the group and those of the current state of French football. I have no certainties: we are not immune to real disillusionment or great happiness. The most important thing will be to win the first game.

What other training will be required?
Some very great players will surely experience their last World Cup as Lionel Messi, I find that very moving. I also think that Argentina will be, like Brazil, stronger than four years ago. On the European side, it will be necessary to count on Spain, France and, why not, Germany. The surprise could come from the Netherlands or from England.

What will be the pitfalls to avoid for the France team?
The Blues group is obviously within their reach. But it must be remembered that, during the 2002 World Cup, when the France team had the top scorers in the championship of England, Italy and Spain and had a group within their reach, they lost the first match against Senegal which was a very good team. The most important thing will therefore be to win the first meeting against Australia because, behind, the Blues will find Denmark who beat us without trembling 2-0 at home, two months ago. The first game will give information to everyone, especially on the choices of Didier Deschamps because, without preparation or training, the teams will arrive in the unknown.

“With Bixente, we will therefore be able to bring to life a good twenty meetings out of the 28 broadcast by TF1”

Gregoire Margotton

In what state of mind do you approach the competition with Bixente Lizarazu?
Previous World Cups were held in very large countries and involved travel, fatigue and the inability to commentate a game every day. This will not be the case this time since the stadiums are 10 km apart. With Bixente, we will therefore be able to bring to life a good twenty matches out of the 28 broadcast by TF1! The first two weeks, we will commentate almost one match per day, it does not stop. We are lucky because there will be big duels from the first round like Brazil / Serbia or Spain / Germany.

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