Guardiola pessimistic about instances of racism in stadiums in Spain after Vinicius case

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola on Friday urged Spanish football to follow the Premier League’s lead in stamping out racism in its stadiums, while displaying his pessimism about his country’s ability to achieve this.

Guardiola was reacting to the racist insults that Vinicius Jr was the victim of last Sunday, during a league match lost by Real Madrid to Valencia (1-0), and which had sparked outrage in Spain and beyond. When asked at a press conference on Friday whether La Liga should learn from the Premier League, which has taken an intransigent stance on the matter, Guardiola replied: ” they should “. “Here, they are inflexible. They know what they have to do. »

Guardiola pessimistic

The former player and coach of FC Barcelona, ​​​​however, was rather skeptical about the ability of Spain to achieve this completely. “We can hope that things will improve a bit in Spain, but I’m not really optimistic. I know the country a little. Justice can help to do this but, at the same time, will it really change anything in Spain? »

Faced with the turmoil aroused by the insults aimed at Vinicius, already targeted on several occasions by insults and discriminatory behavior, the Spanish authorities have promised to act vigorously to strengthen the fight against racism in La Liga.

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