Gun raid on parking lot, hundreds of gun parts seized

Gun raid on parking lot, hundreds of gun parts seized

Following the suspects in the illegal arms trade in Istanbul, the police searched a parking lot office. Hundreds of weapon parts were seized, which were kept to be assembled. Four suspects were taken into custody.

Gun raid on parking lot, hundreds of gun parts seized

Beyoğlu District Police Department teams started working when they learned that some suspects with criminal records were trying to acquire weapons. The suspects who bought, sold and shipped unlicensed weapons were identified during the investigations. Working towards the arrest of the suspects, the police identified the vehicles used by the people they were after.


Seeing that one of those vehicles was underway in Beyoğlu, the teams followed the car. The pursuit, which was carried out secretly by civilian teams, continued as far as Fatih, Yavuz Sultan Selim Neighborhood. Suspects entered the parking lot here. Thereupon, the police teams carried out an operation. While E.Ö., DD, MAK and DP in the vehicle were taken into custody, an unlicensed pistol was seized during body searches.


Searching the vehicle used by the suspects, the teams determined that the office in the parking lot was also used by the suspects. The office was also searched. During the searches in the vehicle and office, 306 gun bars, 242 gun handles, 4 unlicensed guns of different diameters, 6 magazines, 25 gun needles and springs belonging to different guns were seized.


Action was taken against the suspects who were taken to the police station for the crime of “Weapons Manufacturing and Trade”. All four of the suspects, who were sent to the courthouse after the proceedings, were arrested.

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