Haas protests Australian GP results

The American team disputes the results of the race in the chaotic final.

The Haas team is contesting the results of the Australian Grand Prix which allowed Max Verstappen (Red Bull) to win this Sunday and Nico Hulkenberg to take 7th place for the team.

We do not know precisely the arguments that will be put forward by the leaders of the American structure, but it is very likely that this dispute concerns the end of the race and the race director’s decision to make a fourth start by imposing a hierarchy on the grid a bit special.

This had been established from the previous relaunch of the test a few minutes earlier. The third start of the Grand Prix was accompanied by numerous incidents which forced the two Alpines to retire and caused Fernando Alonso to tumble down the hierarchy. Thanks to this decision, the Spaniard was able to recover his third place on the grid to cover the 58th and last lap of the event.

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