Haddad highlights the role of BC and Congress in the economic agenda

During an event promoted by XP, this Saturday (2nd), in São Paulo, the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad said that the federal government, the Central Bank and the National Congress need to walk together so that the Brazilian economic results are productive.

“Congress plays a key role. If Congress joins forces and approves measures in the right direction, removing bomb agenda, populism, avoiding risk and approving a consistent agenda, I think we will end the year very well”, said the minister. “If the legislative results come in the right direction, we will have an auspicious second semester that will bring gains”, he added.

For the minister, this partnership worked well in the first half. “So far, Congress has been quite a partner,” he said.

haddad he also clified as normal the divergences between the government and the Central Bank regarding the interest rate policy. “It happens all over the world. The ideal is permanent dialogue and trying to harmonize policies”, he highlighted.

During the event, he returned to criticism of the exemptions that have been made in recent years and highlighted the government’s intention to “revisit” part of them. “When you make a bet and you don’t reap the rewards, you have to review this policy. We had a number of policies that should have been reviewed a long time ago,” he said.

He also spoke again today that he predicts that Brazil will grow 3% this year. “This year a miracle is happening. We are going to grow 3%”.

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