half a century of existence and still just as dashing

The famous air meeting will celebrate its 50th edition this weekend with a few surprises around the Patrouille de France and the demonstration, for the first time, of an F-16.

It resists time, changing fashions and storms to bring together, traditionally on Pentecost weekends, all lovers of the world of aviation around the planes of yesterday and today. The meeting of the Time of the helices, aerial ballet of more than 100 devices with five hours of spectacle to delight the 40,000 pairs of eyes in the rural setting of the aerodrome of Cerny La Ferté-Alais, in the south of Paris, will be held May 27 and 28 in Essonne.

Before looking up to enjoy the flight demonstrations through thematic tables retracing the fabulous history of aviation, the public can begin to marvel on the ground by approaching the old “cuckoo clocks” of the pioneers or the civil and military aircraft. newer ones laid on the ground. The opportunity to touch these aerial sentinels exposed to visitors and, why not, to get to know the enthusiasts in wetsuits who will put the gas a few hours later in the air.

Fine connoisseurs (who will have provided for everything, including a small seat and the cooler) or pure novices attracted by the big show, the spectators will then scatter in the large gry expanses, their ears straining to listen to the vibrant Hollywood music and the comments recounting the epic of the greatest aviators while in the sky, the historical scenes will follow one another.

The American Corsair (in navy blue), a must at the air show. Jean Pierre Touzeau

Re-enactments of aerial battles

The friendly Jean-Baptiste Salis who organizes the meeting will once again bet on clics with reconstructions which have contributed to making the event famous in Europe and around the world. The unmissable Tora Tora Tora animated by eleven T6s with its pyrotechnic effects or a staging of a battle from the Vietnam War will once again be in the game. Chills guaranteed.

The Patrouille de France ping through the sky of Essonne. Jean Pierre Touzeau

The F-16 and the Rafale in the air

But the La Ferté-Alais meeting would be nothing without the participation of the Air Force and the Patrouille de France, one of the highlights of the long afternoon of demonstrations. The famous aerial acrobats coloring the sky with the emblematic Alpha Jet will be all the more eagerly awaited as they celebrate their 70th birthday. There will still be talk of an anniversary with the half-century of existence this year of the Air Force aerobatic team, stunning piloting virtuosos collecting the titles of world champions before the pages of the Rafale Marine and , for the first time in the history of the meeting, the appearance of an F-16. An icing on the cake to enjoy without moderation but with plugs for the most sensitive ears!

The poster for the 50th edition of Le Temps des Hélices DR

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