“Half an hour with a fireer on his forehead”: Bruno Guillon, “upset”, talks about his attack on Fun Radio

The party to laugh about it. Bruno Guillon was more than ever “delighted to be there” and his listeners were able to find him at dawn this Thursday. Absent from the air the day before, the host returned to his morning show on Fun Radio, just 24 hours after the violent attack of which he was a victim with his wife and son.

According to his statements to the police, several men broke into their home, located in a small village in Yvelines, during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The criminals then kidnapped them, and under threat of a handgun and a hammer, stole money, jewelry, watches and luxury bags. Damage estimated at several tens of thousands of euros.

Back live at 6 a.m. on Fun Radio, Bruno Guillon first launched the first news flash of his morning as if nothing had happened. Before quickly mentioning an attack which “upset” him, even if “we are alive, that’s the main thing”. Not wishing to dwell on what he had just gone through, the host nevertheless increased the number of evocations of this traumatic episode on the air, most often with a good dose of humor.

“Thousands of messages” received

The presenter, for example, wanted to reveal the lessons he learned from it. “I learned two things. First of all, you are only as rich as your friends.” And to thank his loved ones and his public for the “thousands of messages” of solidarity received after the revelation of his misadventure. “I received more than for my birthday. When there is no need to buy a gift, there are people! » He then added with the same humor: “The second thing is that you have to wear underwear when you sleep because you never know how you will be woken up in the morning. I spent half an hour with a fireer on my forehead – not the cigarette that makes you laugh, the revolver -, my hands tied behind my back, and naked! »

Beneath the comic veneer, however, Bruno Guillon’s fans were able to measure throughout the show the traces left by this night of horror. When a listener working at Intersport, for example, called the show to participate in a game, the host quickly inquired about the sale in his store of a model of tracksuit that his “attackers” were wearing.

And when one of his columnists innocently told him “You have to grow up, Bruno”, the boss of Fun Radio immediately replied, more seriously: “I’ve had a good time growing up (sic)”. A little later, the host also added: “I have pushed back my quota of fears”. And this regular on the France 2 summer game immediately jokes: “Fort Boyard, I’m going to go there smoking a cigarette”.

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