Hamas attack: Israeli police investigate “several cases” of violence committed on October 7

Israeli law enforcement has already reportedly collected “multiple testimonies” concerning s. This Tuesday, the police announced that they were investigating “several cases” of violence committed against women by Hamas commandos. during the attacks of October 7.

“No living victims have said they were ” but “we have multiple witnesses in several cases,” said David Katz, head of the cyber section of the Lahav criminal police unit.

At this stage of the investigation, which could still last “six to eight months”, he said, the police refuse to give a precise figure concerning the victims.

But she showed the press the filmed testimony of a survivor of the rave party of kibbutz Reimdescribing a gang of a woman shot dead during her attack.

This survivor, S., interviewed by the police, claims to have seen “a group of women taken away by armed men in military uniforms”. “I understand that they her,” she said again, before describing mutilation, and execution.

Women’s bodies without pants

“We have several testimonies from the people of ZAKA”, the organization specializing in the collection of human remains who was one of the first to go to the scene of the macres which, according to the Israeli authorities, left around 1,200 dead, mostly civilians, added David Katz.

“We also saw bodies of women who no longer had pants or underwear,” he continued.

Since the Hamas attack on Israeli soil, the deadliest in Israeli history, the Israeli army relentlessly bombs the Gaza Strip, held by Hamas, from the air, sea and ground. According to the Hamas Ministry of Health, the bombings left more than 11,000 dead, two-thirds of them women and children.

Israeli army tanks are now tightening their grip on Gaza City and in particular its hospitals because it accuses Hamas of hiding there.

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