Has Emmanuel Macron taken over the measures of the citizens’ convention?

Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe, then Prime Minister, before an exchange with the citizens of the Citizen's Climate Convention, in June 2020.

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“Hello, Mr. Macron, answering a question from a citizen, clarified that 146 of the measures of the citizens’ convention had been taken up. Can you make a real inventory? Thank you, Damien” (Question posed by e-mail to the address [email protected].)

My answer : In video on youtubeEmmanuel Macron replies that out of 150 measures proposed by the citizens’ convention for the climate, “we said yes to 146 and we are moving forward”. It’s a shortcut (at best): some measures have been taken, but neither the spirit nor the detail of the measures have been respected for the time being. (You can find here a detail of the measures and their application produced by several of my colleagues from World).

On the democratic essment of the citizens’ convention on the climate, I also recommend this episode of Human Heat, with the professor of political theory, Hélène Landemore:

1/ Measurements often stunted and far from the mark

As I am not a specialist in the climate convention, I asked for help from an expert, Quentin Perrier, who followed the convention for theInstitute for Climate Economics. According to the government website100 measurements are “completely or partially implemented” and 46 are “under implementation”. But, Quentin Perrier explained to me, this category “partially” is misleading and mixes cabbage and eggplant. For example, on the renovation of buildings, the agreement called for an obligation to fully renovate housing (with compensation measures) by 2040, and the law provides for a gradual ban on the rental of thermal sieves. “On this point, we are very far from the objective set”, explains Quentin Perrier. Ditto on the fact of penalizing the most polluting vehicles – the tax decided by the government is ten times less important than that advocated by the citizens of the convention.

Another example: the convention proposed to prohibit domestic flights if an alternative of four hours by train exists. The law only retained flights on which a two-hour alternative exists – ie five lines. And yet, the measure has not even entered into force. However, the government clifies it in the measures “totally or partially” implemented.

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