Have the prices of the anti-inflation basket really fallen by 13%, as the government claims?

By Emma Confrere



The UFC Que-Choisir does not reach the same conclusions as the Minister of Commerce, Olivia Grégoire, on the right. stock.adobe.com and AFP

THE CHEKING PROCESS – For the UFC Que-Choisir, which looked into the question and obtained opposite results, “this statement is false”. Faced with this imbroglio, who is telling the truth? Le Figaro unravel the situation.

THE anti-inflation quarter, set up by the government, never ceases to be talked about. Strongly criticized when it was released by the UFC Que-Choisir, the ociation now points to a price increase in certain brands. However, the Minister Delegate for Trade, Olivia Gregoiresaid on May 10 on RTL “that on average for seven weeks, the prices of products from the anti-inflation quarter have fallen by 13% in the basket, if it is made up of 100% products from the anti-inflation quarter“. For Bruno the Mayorthe Minister of the Economy invited this Monday on BFMTV, the methodology of the ociation is “dishonest» and for Olivia Grégoire’s firm, she «no sense“. Two months after its launch, is the anti-inflation quarter really effective or is it window dressing? Le Figaro separate the true from the false.

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