He feels bad on the Frecciarossa Rome-Milan, a medical student saves him

He feels bad on the Frecciarossa Rome-Milan, a medical student saves him

It all happened very fast. On the Frecciarossa 9662 which left Rome at 18.50 and headed for Milan last Monday, Ines Carrato, a 25-year-old specialist in emergency medicine, did not wait a second. After seeing a passenger who was unwell, she gave him CPR and saved his life.

«I found myself on that train by chance because I changed the ticket, anticipating the departure – says the 25-year-old, who graduated last year in medicine at the biomedical campus in Rome and is in her first year of specialization -. Shortly before Florence, the loudspeaker asked for the presence of a doctor in carriage 3 and I immediately went to the scene. I found a man sitting in the chair taken ill, who was already assisted by two colleagues: a neurologist and a general practitioner. A few minutes later the passenger collapsed, slipping out of the seat and I decided to give the man CPR. He recovered immediately afterwards ».

In Florence, the man got off the train to be transported to the hospital: “I don’t remember his name – he concludes – but only that thank you he pronounced as soon as he recovered”.

The president of the University and of the Campus Bio-medical Polyclinic Foundation, Carlo Tosti, announced a letter of commendation for Dr. Ines Carrato. According to Tosti, the episode “is the best proof of the quality of the training of the medical school on the Campus, but above all it confirms the values ​​which inspire the activity of the University and the Polyclinic at every level”.

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