He flew from 15 meters to the subway construction

In Izmir’s Balçova district, the out-of-control concrete mixer flew over the iron barriers and flew to the subway construction site from a height of 15 meters. The driver, Erdoğan Yeşil (44), died in the accident.


He flew from 15 meters to the subway construction

At around 20.00 on the İzmir Ring Road Balçova Viaduct participation road, the concrete mixer under the direction of Erdoğan Yeşil flew over the iron barriers to the metro construction site while it was going from Narlıdere direction on the İzmir Ring Road to Limontepe direction.


Upon the notification of those who saw the accident, health, police and fire crews were sent to the region. The driver Yeşil, who was taken out of the place where he was stuck by the firefighters who came with the notice, was handed over to the health officials.

The driver was found to be dead during the inspection. Erdoğan Yeşil’s lifeless body was taken to the morgue of the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute after the prosecutor’s examination.

His relatives drowned in tears

On the other hand, the police teams related to the accident found in the surrounding area. The dial of the concrete mixer, which was scrapped after falling from a height of about 15 meters, was also thrown out of the vehicle.

In the examination, it was seen that the dial of the concrete mixer remained at a speed of 60 kilometers. Relatives and colleagues of Erdoğan Yeşil, who came to the scene after the accident, could not hold back their tears. (DHA)

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