“He wants to open another path”: far from controversies, Macron prepares for the future and manages the long term

The confidence was slipped in opportunely. Three days before the examination in the embly of Immigration bill which gives the majority a cold sweat, Emmanuel Macron acted as if he was already taking this step to project himself towards the future. Friday evening, during a visit by the president to the Pantheon, Le Monde revealed its intention of a “next meeting with the nation”, in January, to “send a message of unity” to the French. An initiative which aims to “restore hope and a taste for the future”, he says, without however saying more at this stage… “Nothing is finalized yet”, recognizes a close friend.

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“The idea is that in this exceptional year 2024 for France (with the Olympic Games, the Landing ceremonies and the inauguration of Notre-Dame)and important for the future with the Europeans, it can take the French on board with a clear course,” specifies another.

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