He wrote “Lie” on AKP’s provocative posters, he was detained

Just days before the 28 May elections, the AKP’s Nevşehir Municipality hung provocative posters on the billboards. Thereupon, Yekta Arda Gürbüz, Provincial Chairperson of the CHP Youth Branch, was detained while she was writing “Lie” on posters. Gürbüz was released after the proceedings.

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He wrote

In Nevşehir, provocative posters were hung on billboards in the city by the AKP’s Nevşehir Municipality employees. There were articles on the posters with the phrases “YPG is not a terrorist organization” and “think well, make the right decision” and a QR code right next to the articles.


Making a statement on his social media account after the posters drew great reaction, the AKP’s Nevşehir Mayor Mehmet Savran made the following statements:

“Outdoor Advertising Management within the borders of Nevşehir Merkez District Nevşehir Belediyesi Turizm ve Spor A.Ş. operates within. As of April 24, 2023, Outdoor Adver are implemented in accordance with the laws and rules in the form of sequential system and equal distribution according to the rules determined by the YSK.

In addition, all political party outdoor advertising practices in Nevşehir Center are carried out by Turizm ve Spor A.Ş. It is applied by the Outdoor Advertising Management personnel of the company. Central District Election Board is authorized regarding the transactions and posters in question and possible objections can only be made to this board.


On the other hand, Yekta Arda Gürbüz, CHP Nevşehir Youth Branch Provincial Chairperson, was detained last night while she was spraying “lie” on billboards.

A statement came from the Nevşehir Youth Branch Provincial Presidency on the subject. In the statement; “Our Nevşehir Youth Branch Provincial President Mr. Yekta Arda Gürbüz was detained while she was trying to write on false and illegal billboards aimed at agitating the public.


It was learned that CHP Chairman Gürbüz was released after his proceedings.

Provocative poster from AKP municipalityYou may be interestedProvocative poster from AKP municipality

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