Heather Parisi to Lucio Presta after Beasts: “Kindness wins over violence”

Heather Parisi to Lucio Presta after Beasts: “Kindness wins over violence”

After the foreclosure in the studio of “Belve”, Heather Parisi responds to Lucio Presta. She does it with a post on Instagram. “It is so difficult to forget the pain that in the end we end up forgetting that sweetness also exists – writes the 63-year-old in the post – And that sweetness is so great that it heals scars that not even time has been able to erase”.

Then Parisi adds: «Often the judgments do not concern who we are but what we represent, not what we do but who we inspire, not how we dress but what we mean. Because a happy smile is contagious and scares more than a grumpy face and kindness kills more than any brutal violence.

Parisi adds the hashtag #amolamiavita and the name of her husband, Umberto Maria Azzolini, the entrepreneur with whom she has lived in Hong Kong for many years and father of their twins Elizabeth and Dylan born in 2010 when Parisi was 50 years old.

Presta had told on the web a few days ago that a bailiff had shown up in the TV studio of “Belve” to seize the personal assets of the showgirl, who “was forced to pay out a large sum”. The legal battle refers to a 2017 judiciary ruling which sentenced the showgirl in the first instance for defamation and to pay damages to the Presta family for a story linked to the film Blind Maze, which was to be broadcast on Rai, but skipped after the controversy against Nemicamatissima. At the moment there are no replies via social media from Heather Parisi.

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