Heavy rain and storm in Istanbul: Lightning struck the building

The heavy rain and storm in Istanbul caused damage in some parts of the city.

Release: 00:14 – 30 November 2023 Updated:

Due to the continuous storm and heavy rain in Istanbul, damage occurred in some parts of the city.

A partial collapse occurred in a historical building on Peykhane Street in Fatih Binbindirek District. Firefighters who arrived at the scene took precautions around the building and searched with dogs in case anyone was left inside.

Due to the heavy rain in Sarıyer, the market area was flooded and the tradesmen suffered losses. Ayazağa District Hadım Koruyolu Street turned into a lake due to heavy rain.

Due to the blockage of manholes and puddles on the roads, the market stalls were flooded.

The retaining wall between two buildings in Avcılar collapsed with a loud noise. While the wall collapsed into the space on the bottom floor of the 6-storey building, no one was killed or injured in the incident.

During the storm, lightning struck the roof of the 14-storey abandoned building in Kadıköy Fenerbahçe District Alageyik Street around 18:00.

The wall of a house collapsed during the landslide that occurred on Gamze Street in Eyüpsultan Dolapdere District. The soil filled the inside of the house, destroying the bathroom and kitchen.

The streets were also flooded in Küçükçekmece and Bakırköy. In Bakırköy, some drivers preferred to drive on the sidewalk to prevent damage to their vehicles. (AA-DHA)

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