Highway Code: the questions completely renewed, the new exam is already coming into force

The examination of the Highway Code has a new look on Tuesday with the renewal of all its questions, now “clearer” and “more intelligible”, according to the interministerial delegation for road safety. The exam conditions are not changed: 35 correct answers are still required out of the 40 questions asked of the candidate.

“The questions are clearer and more intelligible, the difficulty should not be in the question but in the answer to be given,” said Florence Guillaume, interministerial delegate for road safety, on Monday during a press briefing.

Faced with the rise of bicycles and scooters, new “empathetic” questions added

The bank of questions for the general theoretical examination (ETG) now includes 1,037 questions, and will be operational from Tuesday in approved centers. The new questions were written “in consultation with professionals in the sector” but also with a “language simplification professional”, explained Florence Guillaume.

Faced with the growth of bicycles and scooters, new “empathetic” questions have been added “where we put ourselves in the place of the other user,” she continued. New questions include, for example: “a scooter user is vulnerable because: his balance is precarious (yes or no), his small size makes him difficult to detect (yes or no)”. “More than half of the road deaths were in a vehicle with less than four wheels,” recalled the interministerial delegate for road safety.

In terms of form, the visuals of the questions have also been modified for “more realism”, in particular with drone shots for certain situations. The last modification of the Highway Code exam questions was in 2016.

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