Hippolyte Machetti and Aloïse Retornaz in bronze at the European 470 Championship in San Remo

Like the rest of Italy, the San Remo stretch of water has not been spared by the bad weather this week. Rain, cold, swell, the sixty-five participants in the 470 European Championship really didn’t experience any obvious conditions. At least the wind necessary for a high-level competition had responded… And it was Anton Dahlberg and Lovisa Karlsson who came out of it the best. On Saturday, the Swedes finished with the European title, ahead of the Germans Simon Diesch and Ann Markfort.

This medal signs a great week of racing in physically difficult conditions

At the end of this thrilling final, the French Hippolyte Machetti and Aloïse Retornaz won bronze. A great reward, after a week in which they chained races in the top 5 and signed two victories.

“We had an incredible final race and we could have snagged the title, but we finally finished third, it’s obviously frustrating, but that’s the game of the regatta. The Swedish and German crews have been stronger this week, it’s deserved that they are ahead of us, we have no regrets. This medal signs a great week of racing in physically difficult conditions. We have remained consistent with some very good starts. With Hippolyte, we’re in a great state of mind and we’re navigating the knife between our teeth. We gave it all! », confirmed Aloïse Retornaz, after the competition. Note that Camille Lecointre and Jérémie Mion take fourth place.

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