His 26-year-old girlfriend was found dead: ‘I was stuck between two women’

Ali Erensoy and his cohabitant Elif Erensoy, who were arrested on the charge of ‘deliberate murder’ regarding the death of his girlfriend Ayşenur Bedel, whose body was found shot with a gun in front of the garden gate of the house in Konya, denied the accusations at their first hearing.


His 26-year-old girlfriend was found dead: 'I was stuck between two women'

The horrifying incident took place at night on March 19, in a detached house on Seymen Street in Karahüyük District.

Ali Erensoy called the 112 Emergency Call Center and stated that he found Ayşenur Bedel, with whom he lived, injured in the garden gate of the house and asked for help.

Ayşenur Bedel, who was determined to have been shot in the neck with a gun, died despite the intervention of the medical team. After the autopsy, Bedel’s body was buried in İsmil Mahalle Cemetery.

The police detained Ali Erensoy, who reported him as a suspect, and Elif Erensoy, a religious transplant and relative who was staying in the same house.

The suspects, who denied the accusations in their statements, were arrested by the court where they were referred to.


The trial of detainees Ali Erensoy and Elif Erensoy began at Konya 5th High Criminal Court for the crime of ‘intentional murder’.

In his statement at the court, Ali Erensoy stated that he did not kill Bedel and that he wanted the culprits to be found, and said:

-In 2019, Ayşenur started working at the wedding hall that belonged to me. At the end of that year, our relationship started.

-Ayşenur had hit my daughter before because she had individual arguments with her. We stayed apart after that time. After a while, we made peace again. Later, my ex-wife, me and Ayşenur started living together. Later, I saw that Ayşenur started seeing her ex-husband and we broke up.

-Because of this incident, Ayşenur committed suicide by cutting her wrists. After some time ped, Ayşenur sent me a video in which she said she was going to commit suicide again. I also acted with my conscience. I couldn’t hate him and we made peace. We started living together again.

-After a while, my wife said that she did not want to live with Ayşenur. During this time, we were constantly arguing. I’m torn between two women. Then I separated the houses.


Erensoy, who said that they went to the house with Ayşenur Bedel to buy clothes on the day of the incident, said:

-Ayşenur stayed in the car. I went inside. At that moment I heard a sound like ‘Bang’. I thought the outer door was closed.

-When I came home, I saw that the door to the dressing room was locked and I went back to get the key from Ayşenur.

-Later, when I came to the car, I saw Ayşenur lying face down on the ground. I wanted to remove it. I knew he was doing . I called the ambulance and tried to give artificial respiration to Ayşenur during this time.

-Then we took him to the hospital by ambulance. Half an hour after the incident, I called Elif and explained the situation. I told her that I found Ayşenur on the ground covered in blood and that I wanted her to help.

-I didn’t do anything to Ayşenur. I want the culprits to be found. I’m in prison for nothing, I’m innocent, I want the guilty ones to be found.

‘When I saw the police, I got scared and went back to my mother.’

Elif Erensoy, who is being tried as a detainee, said: “I was at my mother’s house on the day of the incident. When I returned home and saw the police at the door, I got scared and turned to my mother again. I have no interest or knowledge in the incident. “I am innocent,” he said.

Elif Erensoy’s lawyer, Dilara Çobanoğlu, said in her defense in court: “Our client was not even at the scene when the incident occurred. She took her children and went to a different residence address where her own family lived. He stayed with his family for 2 days. The other defendant, Ali Erensoy, immediately after seeing the victim lying on the ground on the day of the incident, first called the 112 Emergency Service, approximately 29 minutes after the incident, and asked for help from our client. This is all client Elif’s information regarding the incident. “He is innocent,” he said.

The court postponed the hearing. (DHA)

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