Holger Rune, released in the quarterfinals at Roland-Garros: “Casper (Ruud) is really very strong”

“In the first two sets, you seemed to have no control of the ball at all. How did you feel on the court?
I started the match very, very badly. I couldn’t play at my level and I was able to play better in the third set. I finally had some rhythm and tried to put him under pressure. But starting so late cost me too much. He deserves to win because I was absent from the first two sets and we can’t afford it against a player of his caliber. It’s too long to come back. I didn’t feel very well, but these are things that happen. You can’t always play at your best. I tried to get back into the match, but it was too late after ruining two sets like that. I tried to stay confident in my tennis, to keep getting into the ball, but it was going anywhere. There are days when it is like that.

Were you tired from your previous round against Francisco Cerundolo in five sets?
Not at all, I was physically fine. It can’t be an excuse. It’s just that I didn’t play at a level that is mine. It’s tough, but you have to learn from it and come back stronger. There is another Grand Slam coming up and I hope I will be stronger there. I’m glad the clay court season is over and we’re moving on. I’m already on the gr.

“In the important moments, he did not shake. Kudos to him. »

What is the difference between Casper Rudd at Roland-Garros and the one you beat in Rome?
Not a lot. I was less specific. Casper is really strong. Even when he plays at a low level, it stays high. He never lets go. There are many times when he must be less well, but he does not show it to you. In Rome, I had to be at my best to beat him, as always. In the first two sets, I couldn’t see how well he was playing because I made so many mistakes. But in the last two sets, I played much better and he was still very good. In important moments, he did not shake. Kudos to him.

We saw you holding your back during the match. Were you touched?
It’s something recurring. But even if I hadn’t felt anything, it wouldn’t have changed the game. And it’s not something I can use as an excuse. He was just better than me, I have to accept it and work to improve myself. Now, we will have to treat the little sores. I played a lot and my body makes me feel it. But I felt good on the court, that’s really no excuse. »

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