“Horizons exists in the majority”

Edouard Philippe at the end of the parliamentary days of his Horizons party, in Fontainebleau, September 16, 2022.

“Some wonder”, “some speculate”but “Horizons exists in the majority. Yes Yes ". For the conclusion of the parliamentary days of Horizons in Fontainebleau, Friday September 16, Édouard Philippe wanted to be clear. While his supposed ambitions for 2027 annoy within the presidential camp, he reiterated his support for the policy led by Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne, in the presence of the Prime Minister.

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“We support the President of the Republic and we want to ensure (…) that this five-year term is not a lost five-year term but indeed a five-year term which allows our country to continue to prepare, to continue to move forward, to continue to reform »said Mr. Philippe in a speech of more than an hour, in the cozy setting of the municipal theater of Fontainebleau.

He spoke directly to Elisabeth Borne: “We are a component of the majority and we are proud and happy (…) to support the Prime Minister, to support you, Elisabeth, in a task which many people know that she is very complicated, me first »developed the former Prime Minister.

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He also addressed the question of pensions, and in particular the hypothesis of the inclusion of a reform within the framework of the social security financing bill. “We will be behind you to improve our pension system in the direction of more justice and more work, whether you choose to do it in October, December, March, when you want, we will be there”assured the mayor of Le Havre to applause.

“Mutual requirement”

Several parliamentarians from Horizons have expressed reservations in recent days about the choice of the PLFSS, which would not necessarily trigger a “comprehensive reform” retirements.

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Speaking last, Elisabeth Borne paid tribute to the various components of her relative parliamentary majority. “We are three political forces with their history and their sensitivity. My role and that of the government is that they are all heard, respected, involved. Our majority is based on three pillars. Horizons is one of them”did she say.

“It implies a mutual requirement. On the side of the government and the majority, it is a duty of transparency. It is the need to inform you of the agreements reached and the negotiations in progress. This is how we will avoid misunderstandings”continued the Prime Minister, while Horizons deputies, during the summer parliamentary session, had voted for an amendment against the advice of Minister Bruno Le Maire about local communities.

Beware of the “global cost” of anti-inflation measures

On Friday, the mayors of the party elected their president, Christian Estrosi, the only candidate. The mayor of Nice, who has the rank of vice-president of Horizons, wanted“At no time, in the next finance law, will our communities be considered as an adjustment variable”.

Mr. Philippe addressed many subjects – nuclear, justice, debt – from his " strategy " for France. He also called for the "lucidity" in front of the "brutality" inflation, even if “we have to be extremely careful” to “overall cost of these measures”. Horizons will support “all the initiatives that will be taken to better target them”he said.

Member of Horizons, the mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, wished, in an interview with JDD, that Edouard Philippe quickly asserts himself “as a candidate for 2027”. The party will organize a Congress in the first quarter of 2023.

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