hospitalized, Pelé is “stable” and “reacts appropriately”

Pelé, 82 years oldwho suffers from a respiratory infection, is stillsteady” and “reacts appropriatelySaid the hospital in São Paulo on Saturday, where the brazilian legend of world football has been treated since Tuesday. Pele”continuing treatment and still stablesaid doctors at Albert Einstein Hospital in a statement. “He is responding appropriately to the care given to treat his respiratory infection, with no deterioration in the last 24 hours“, they added.

Reacting to rumors reporting a deterioration in his state of health, several personalities and organizations had expressed their solidarity with the “King”. French superstar Kylian Mbappé paid tribute to Pelé by tweeting the message “Pray for the King» («Pray for the King”) with the mention “Pelé”.

“He is an inspiration to us”

The city of Doha, where the 2022 World Cup is taking place, adorned several of its buildings on Saturday with a photo of Pelé with a message wishing him a speedy recovery, AFP journalists noted. For his part, England captain Harry Kane also spoke about the Brazilian’s state of health at a press conference. “We obviously send our thoughts to him and his family. He’s an inspiration to us, an amazing player and personality“, did he declare.

Pelé was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo on Tuesday for a reassessment of his colon cancer treatment. His respiratory infection istreated with antibiotics“, had specified the doctors. Thursday, on his Instagram account, Pelé had indicated that it was a “monthly visitroutine and thanked everyone who sent him messages of support.

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