how an assassination attempt was foiled in forty-eight hours

French police have been following the activities of traffickers subscribed to the Sky ECC application, deemed inviolable, for a month now, this Wednesday, February 24, 2021, when, drowned in the hum of conversations, a message attracts the attention of investigators. “Salem, how are you?” Here is his advance today I tested the calibers I have the cars tomorrow I buy outfit. Every Sunday I spot again once or twice puts maximum etc good I burst it. »

These two lines foreshadow the implementation of an assassination. On the author of the message, the investigators then have no other information than the pseudonym he uses on the Sky network: a certain “LAA”. But the imminence of the passage to the act, scheduled according to another message for the following Monday, upsets the conscientious monitoring of the discussions. There are five days left to bring the potential victim to safety.

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On Friday, February 27, the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime is seized of the investigation. The starting point is meager: a criminal project on an unknown victim, by an unknown sponsor and an unknown executor.

Going back in the timeline of “LAA”, the exchanges on this criminal project appear from February 11. The discussions, enriched with photos, clearly relate to the description of the victim and the identification of his home, located in Val-de-Marne. It is a question of logistics and material organization: the test of weapons, the recovery of cars… “LAA” carries out its scouting according to the schedule of its prey.

During the weekend, the target is identified, informed of the imminence of the risk incurred, and sheltered. His audition on Monday 1er March, corroborates previous research: this woman was threatened. The environment in which she evolves is that of high-level drug traffickers.


According to information from World, these are conflicts in the entourage of one of the figures of Parisian narcobanditry of the 2000s: Mustapha Djilali Bloufa, better known by his nickname Ronaldo, in reference to the Brazilian footballer, whose age and silhouette. The woman threatened by “LAA” was close to the trafficker.

Ronaldo, originally from Garges-lès-Gonesse (Val-d’Oise), had made a name for himself by developing international networks of cannabis and cocaine trafficking, thanks to direct contacts in Spain, Morocco, and up to in Venezuela. A time imprisoned, he hardly had the leisure to taste his regained freedom: a few weeks after his release from prison, at the beginning of the year 2020, he is the target of an ambush while he finds himself in a parking lot in his hometown, driving his black Mercedes. The death of Ronaldo, killed by several Kalashnikov bullets in the head, had not ended the tensions with his enemies. The foiled project on Sky ECC is proof of this.

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