How did rugby spread around the world? Understand in three minutes

What do Japan, Namibia, Argentina and Ireland have in common? All play rugby, and at a sufficient level to be almost always present during the World Cups. Since the first edition of the competition, in 1987, only twenty-five countries have participated in these international events, and only twenty have participated in at least four editions. So why did rugby develop in those countries specifically?

In this video, we start from the starting point: England. Legend claims that the inventor of rugby was William Webb Ellis, a student from the town of Rugby, who ran the ball in hand during a football match, in 1823. In reality, the rules of football don’t not yet codified at the time, it is likely that the variant played in Rugby gradually conquered Great Britain, until acquiring the name of “rugby football”.

It was therefore from this first “hedge” that, like a virus, rugby spread in certain countries and not in others. Our explanations in the video above. If you want to know more about the subject, we refer you to the decryption below.

Pierre Lecornu And Melody Da Fonseca(motion design)

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