How Jordan Bardella plays the useful vote against Reconquest!, the party of Éric Zemmour and Marion Maréchal

By Paul Laubacher

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Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally, during his visit to the livestock summit on October 5, in Cournon-d’Auvergne (Puy-de-Dôme). Alain ROBERT/SIPA/Alain ROBERT/SIPA

INVESTIGATION – For the president of the National Rally (RN) Reconquest! has become a burden, a cumbersome political object.

Jordan Bardella walk fast. The president of the National Rally (RN) is campaigning for the European elections, in Auvergne, for the summit of breeding. The head of the frontist list is feeling the “cow’s ” from afar, but he knows how to navigate in the face of agricultural unions like the FNSEA, or the Young Farmers. A day earlier, it was Marion Maréchal, head of the list of Reconquête!, Éric Zemmour’s party, who was there. She had not notified any national media, the better to go discreetly. The objective: to avoid fueling a duel with Jordan Bardella. The operation was a failure.

Between two gles of white wine and four selfies, Jordan Bardella stops to talk to a few journalists. The young boss of the nationalist and populist party likes to make predictions. He thinks that the list of Reconquest! will not make more than 5% of the votes on June 9, during the European election. It will not succeed in electing European deputies. He has a thesis, about the former MP…

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