how much will Victor Wembanyama get in San Antonio?

Victor Wembanyama will quickly be out of need in the NBA. FRANCK FIFE / AFP

If he is selected first in the Draft on June 22, as everyone expects, the 19-year-old prodigy should receive more than €50 million over four years.

Victor Wembanyama will change dimension. This is true on the sporting level of course, the giant (2.21m) from Boulogne-Levallois preparing to move from the Betclic Elite to the prestigious NBA, most likely to don the San Antonio Spurs tunic. But it is also a reality from the financial point of view. According to our little comrades from Parisian for example, “Wemby” will have received between 180 and 240,000 euros for the current season. It will be much more on the other side of the Atlantic. Much, much more.

It should first be known that the salary of “rookie” framed. In fact, the “rookie scale” (the scale for beginners) is set according to the “salary cap” (salary cap), with an evolving amount depending on the ranking in the Draft. This is valid for players selected in the first round. Clearly, the first choice of the Draft affects more than the second, which itself affects more than the third… Small subtlety in ping, and this is the only point that can…

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