how Océane became the queen of entertainment on Twitch

PORTRAIT – The videographer is among the most watched French streamers on the live video platform Twitch and her original concepts on YouTube exceed millions of views.

On October 18, a small earthquake shook the Twitch platform in France. Streamer Océane Amsler deleted the videos where she comments on the game show “4 weddings for 1 honeymoon“. The videographer watched live, without having authorization to broadcast it, this program from the TF1 channel produced by ITV. They asked him to delete all the content created from their program. A mive blow for the large community that Océane has. On Twitch in fact, the videographer brings together 280,000 people, mainly women, who follow her for her outspokenness when she reacts to this type of broadcast.

On his YouTube channel “Oceane +», where she shares an edited version of her live broadcasts, the content creator also has 680,000 subscribers. “I’m happy to say that a streamer is breaking things on Twitch right now», declares the main interested party at Figaro. HAS these two channels are added to his TikTok profile filled with his daily anecdotes and follow-up by more than a million people. Just like her Instagram account, where she never fails to add to her discussion channel called “Hello Guys“.

Bringing a universe “girly» on Twitch

Thus, Océane is often in the top 10 of the most watched French streamers of the month on Twitch, alongside male colleagues like Kameto, Gotaga or Squeezie. However, until eight months ago, she was almost unknown on this platform. “I don’t even really remember why I decided to start my channel», she continues, amused. “I had preconceptions about the platform, I perceived it as very masculine and not very open to women offering anything other than video game content», continues Océane. “I was looking for a place to speak to my community in an authentic way and I gave it a try“.

Inspired by American artist James Turrell and the aesthetic of series like EuphoriaOcéane wanted to create a “girly” universe in her studios, tinged with pink and purple. Océane Amsler

By launching on Twitch, Océane designed a decor in pink and purple tones for her channel. “I am inspired by the American artist James Turrell who works on light and space, as well as by the aesthetics of series like Euphoria », she describes. “And, I think it’s important that a deliberately “girly” universe exists on this platform“.

In fact, the streamer often appears dressed, hair well-styled, and wearing fake chrome nails. With which she adjusts her pink microphone to give, without concession, her opinion on any subject. “Many people tell me that it makes Twitch more accessible to them and that it makes them feel good, too, to see a woman who looks like them establishing herself in this way on the internet“.

Humor and natural

Océane’s authenticity propels any content where she appears trending. Three months ago, the former candidate for reality TV programs such as Angels Or Beauty Match agrees to be interviewed by Faustine Bollaert. The France 2 presenter hosts a show on YouTube called “Safe Zone», where she interviews influencers. Océane recounts, among other things, her sometimes difficult journey to break into the internet. In just a few days, the video exceeded one million views. “What I love about her is her good humor, the fact that she is unfiltered, honest and funny.», testifies, one of its subscribers, Nadia. “She embraces her femininity and we see that she loves what she does», agrees another Internet user, Marie Louba.

Like many others, Nadia and Marie have gotten into the habit of connecting on Twitch in the evening, to see Océane rebel against the wedding dress of a candidate from “4 weddings for 1 honeymoon», or decry the petty behavior of your competitor. “I waited every week to watch the digests of his live shows on YouTube. When she announced that she had to delete them, I was very sad», specifies Nadia.

After the wave of outraged messages against TF1, Océane’s first name was even in the top X trend (ex-Twitter) for 48 hours. And a petition was launched to ask the channel for authorization for the streamer to continue her content on the show. “I find it a shame that TF1 did not have the idea of ​​partnering with her», Adds another subscriber, Carine. “Even my partner started watching with me, his comments are so funny», continues the lawyer. “This had to happen I thinknotes Océane, but it is for my community that I had a hard time with this deletion of content“.

Produce entertainment

Without being able to comment live “4 weddings for 1 honeymoon», Océane wants to create her own entertainment shows. “And react to it on Twitch as much as I want», she reveals. In fact, the videographer also has a second YouTube channel, “Oceane“, followed by more than 1 million people. On it, she produces and broadcasts original concepts such as Cluedo with influencers or even a thirty-minute show where 100 singles must find love in one day. There too, success has been achieved: his videos sometimes have more than five million views. “ That’s what’s nice about Océane, is that she diversifies. You can watch her TikTok where she talks about her life like watching a big budget video that she produced», remarks a subscriber, Marie D, admiring the videographer’s journey.

Fascinated by the career of American producer and presenter Oprah Winfrey, Océane dreams of setting up her own production company. Its mive audience allows it to currently build its film studios. “With my teams, we are working on a podcast and a talk show», Details the one who would like, one day, to do stand-up. “I now have the means to put 100,000 euros into a video, it’s lucky and it allows me to do a lot of things“.

To finance herself, the young woman can count on Twitch subs (or subscriptions), to which more than 5,000 people already subscribe to support her channel. In France, said subscriptions cost 4 euros per month and give subscribers access to emoticons created by Océane and complete rebroadcasts of her live broadcasts. Added to this is the monetization of its content broadcast on its two YouTube channels, its Instagram and TikTok accounts. As well as partnerships with different companies such as the cashback application IGraal or the dating application Happn, which sponsors its video “100 singles looking for love“.

Océane’s objective is to continue to “break everything on the networks“. The videographer even has a favorite word: “Fight!“. This term, which has become its slogan, its community often writes it in capital letters in the comments section of its videos. Without losing her humor and enthusiasm, Océane intends to fight to bring her projects to fruition.

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