How the American MrBeast became one of the most popular YouTubers in France

Thanks to its videos dubbed in French, the videographer’s channel experienced the strongest growth in subscribers in France in 2023 according to the annual ranking of YouTube trends.

The YouTuber “the richest in the world“, L'”original» or the new “Elon Musk“. The qualifiers to designate the American Jimmy Donaldson, alias MrBeast, are many. Nothing seems to stop him on YouTube, where he is the most followed content creator in the world with 213 million subscribers on his main channel.

In two years, the 25-year-old young man also managed to conquer the French-speaking public by opening the channel “MrBeast in French”. Followed by 1.78 million people, it is the channel which experienced the strongest growth in subscribers in France in 2023, reports the annual ranking of YouTube France unveiled this Thursday, December 7. Thus, the American stands out ahead of very popular French videographers like Inoxtag, Michou and Squeezie.

The YouTuber uses this French channel to announce new videos posted on his main account. All of this creator’s videos are in fact dubbed and subtitled in around fifteen languages like French but also Spanish, Bengali, Korean and even Russian. These translations make MrBeast’s dangerous challenges accessible to as many people as possible, like the video where he voluntarily strands himself at sea for a week or the one where he buries himself alive, which allows them to earn profits. million views.

To create a sensation, MrBeast sometimes releases videos by surprise and asks for the dubbing to be done the day before.», explains to Figaro the Belgian actor Maxime Donnay, at the origin of the French dubbing of 400 videos by MrBeast.In that case, we must have dubbed and mixed the video in just two days, he continues, but it is this strategy that has exploded its international audience“. The YouTuber reached a total of 17 billion views in 2023, compared to 5 billion in 2022.

Communication adapted to the French

To make its foreign language channels known, MrBeast has also adapted its communication. “When he launched his channel in French, he sponsored a video from the YouTuber, very popular in France, Amixem (8 million subscribers on YouTube Editor’s note)», recalls YouTuber Adam Bros, who analyzes different media cultures.

In the video in question, published on January 26, 2022, Amixem promotes MrBeast in French. “ Two videos per week will be published on this channel“, he explains, before encouraging his community to “break down the number of subscriptions » on the French channel of the American.

By clicking on the video options, the person can select one of the 14 audio tracks and change the subtitles by clicking on one of the 18 proposals as in the example above. MrBeast screenshot

Nothing is left to chance and particular attention is paid to the choice of foreign voice actors.During the casting, it was explained to us that we were going to have to dub web content but that it was not a question of doing a simple voiceover“, recalls Maxime Donnay, about the casting he took in November 2021. “ It was really atypical, we were asked to stick to the character as well as the energy of MrBeast, to deliberately take a dynamic voice.»

A month later, the actor who plays characters like Brook in the One Piece manga or Saï in the Naruto manga, becomes the French voice of MrBeast. “For two years, I dubbed video catalogs“, he emphasizes, “sometimes up to a hundred episodes in a week“.

Overproduction of short videos

And for good reason. In addition to the challenges, MrBeast has built its success on an overproduction of short videos with ultra-dynamic editing. “ It relies on virality to work with a large audience», continues Adam Bross. “Ultimately, it’s a shot of entertainment that he offers. A strategy that works in France, where the audience is fond of large productions and short content», he continues, before specifying: “ With his channel in French, he brings them the ultimate in the genre with means that French YouTubers don’t always have.“.

On its main channel which has 213 million subscribers, the videos are immediately accessible in French. MrBeast screenshot/channel

French Internet users, sometimes facetious, do not hesitate to compare MrBeast to French videographers. The YouTuber Squeezie (18.5 million subscribers) experiences this regularly. On X (formerly Twitter), several spectators often ask why he does not offer “such big projects» than MrBeast who, “is going to build a hundred wells in Africa!», underline some. End of november, Squeezie responded live on Twitch: “It’s extraordinary what MrBeast has managed to do. But it lacks humanity. You can barely hear the people in his videos», Explains the Frenchman. “It’s a form of American capitalism and I prefer that we learn things in the content that I offer», he adds.

Play on audience emotion

Regardless of the subject of his video, Mr Beast is indeed the main character. For example, he does not hesitate to show how he financed the operation of a thousand blind people. A few videos later, he does the same by financing the operation of a thousand deaf people. “It is effective because the public, regardless of the country, feels like they are participating in a good deed by watching such a video.», notes Adam Bross.

In the image, MrBeast is almost the only one to speak. In front of astounded and precarious patients, he offers a trunk that can contain more than 10,000 dollars. Or the cost of certain operations in the United States. “ By offering such large sums, he appears to be redistributing a little of his fortune, takes over Adam Bros, which divides the audience. Some believe that he creates a buzz by using charity, others that he gives enough money to make it honest.

The popular YouTuber does not hesitate to showcase his generosity to arouse emotion. With miniatures with tempting titles, they show on video the reactions of patients, often precarious, to whom he offers suitcases containing up to 10,000 dollars. The young man began distributing money on video very early, giving large sums to homeless people. YouTube Channel/MrBeast

It doesn’t matter if it cleaves, the youtuber maintains its recipe and accumulates money. In November 2022, the economic magazine Forbes estimated that the YouTuber earned $54 million in one year. The creator alone would be the highest paid in the world with a fortune of around $500 million.

Far from limiting himself to YouTube, the videographer is involved in several projects. He has his own ready-to-wear brand but also a chain of restaurants, which sells burgers under his name. In addition to catering, the young entrepreneur is gradually entering the world of tech. He notably invested in the company Backbone, which produces game controllers for smartphones, and in the neobank Current.

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