how Thierry Ardisson plans his funeral

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Thierry Ardisson in Franck Nicolas’ webcast on YouTube. Screenshot.

VIDEO – The 74-year-old host, guest of Franck Nicolas on YouTube, spoke at length about his relationship with death and illness.

Whether Thierry Ardisson revives personalities who died in “Time Hotel”, he doesn’t really want to be in their place. Guest of Franck Nicolas’ web-show, the host spoke at length about his relationship with death and illness. “Most people I know I tell them: “Do check-ups, do blood tests, do MRIs, do scans so you can see what’s wrong with you”. When I hear Florent Pagny saying: “I was found to have cancer the size of a tangerine on my lung”his cancer before being as big as a tangerine, it must have been as big as a cherry”he pointed out.

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An example that the man in black does not wish to follow: “Me, I want to know, I want to see death in the face, I want to see cancer come in big like that and then we obviously remove it. So that won’t stop me from getting hit by a bus on my way out of my house. It’s not a miracle solution, but at least to look death in the face, not to run away. Especially now that we have the means. There are cancer markers in the blood. You take a blood test, if it’s above the norm, worry”.

“I take great care not to be sick”

Thierry Ardisson

For several years, Thierry Ardisson burned the candle at both ends. At 74, the host has decided to preserve himself. “I may be playing the mariole saying that, probably even, but everyone is already dead. Even Napoleon Bonaparte is dead. Things you can’t do anything about, there’s no point in tackling them, you might as well work on things you can do something about. Death, we’re all going to die, as late as possible that’s what I do. I take great care not to get sick (laughs). It’s stupid to say. I don’t wait like a resigned one”he added.

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But what worries Thierry Ardisson the most in his death is the state of his apartment: “I tell myself : “Damn, there’s going to be a mess in my house and no one to clean up”. […] How are they going to tidy up my house? How are they going to take care of my stuff?”».

At his funeral, the host hopes that the three women who shared his life – Christine Bergognon, Béatrice Loustalan with whom he had three children and Audrey Crespo-Mara – will be present together. “I wish there were my three wives. They are not necessarily angry with each other moreover, they do not see each other too obviously but it would make me happy if they were there all three […] because they all three loved me, at least I hope! If all three could be next to each other, I think it’s proof that they love me because they agree to meet for me »he concluded.

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