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The 2.3 million households still at the TRVG can choose to change their offer. Or not. simona /

Gas supply contracts at regulated sales tariffs end on June 30, 2023. The energy regulator publishes a “benchmark price”.

The deadline is approaching. On June 30, gas supply contracts at regulated sales tariffs (TRVG) will end. About 2.3 million households still benefit from this tariff. They are, for the most part, customers of Engie. In accordance with his obligations, the latter has sent them five letters since the beginning of 2020 to alert them to the subject. They are free to stay with Engie, or to change supplier.

To help consumers make their choice, the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) has just published its “benchmark natural gas sales pricefor June 2023. This grid thus mentions, for a consumer heating with gas, a subscription of 249.48 euros per year including tax (in the GRDF area, which covers around 95% of residential customers). The benchmark gas sale price for June 2023 is set at 0.0944 euros on average per kilowatt hour.

A comparator to see clearly

Above all, CRE invites consumers to use the comparator of offers from the National Energy Ombudsman to help them in their decision. Thus, a Parisian subscriber (but the regional differences are insignificant), with a consumption “mean» of gas for heating, cooking and hot water, is offered offers whose amount varies between 1777 euros per year and 2903 euros. Engie is at the bottom of the range with its one-year tranquility offer at 2062 euros with a price indexed to the TRVG which ends on June 30…

The cheapest prices are often indexed to gas market prices, which are very volatile. Currently low, there is no guarantee that they will not rise again next winter. Other suppliers, such as EDF, display a higher price, 2138 euros, but over four years. A way to avoid unpleasant surprises. Other suppliers highlight a share of biogas in their offer, enough to motivate consumers ready to pay a little more but concerned about limiting their environmental footprint.

Engie’s gateway offer

Engie also offers a solution reserved for its current customers benefiting from a TRVG offer, via its “Bridge“. It will automatically be implemented on July 1. The price per kilowatt hour will be indexed to that published by CRE and will vary every month.

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